zwish were a indie punk rock band that was formed in Canberra in 2004 and finished in Brisbane in 2009.
Half evolved into the astronauts while zwish live on with their raw recordings on itunes and crazy video clips on youtube .

Known for their high energy live show, crazy video clips and raw recordings zwish included many talented musicians over the 5 years. Leah Wheelhouse, Bryn Evans, Scott Bertram, Luke Ryan, Dave Mahon, Matt Schoo, Tom Nelson, Rob Regent, Sam Cummingham, Tony Bortrall all played in zwish.

They recorded 5 CDs (Driver Side Airbag, Sleepwalker, Grip On Reality, The Max Power Soundtrack, Unplugged) & 2 EPs (Prozac Nation & zwish). All self produced and all raw.

Their 5 biggest songs were “It Ends Tonight”, “Wonderful Life”, “Toy Boy”, “I Do” & “She’s All That”

Their two biggest video clips are the car smashing one “It Ends Tonight” and the lego porn one “Toy Boy”